• Indian Foods

    India is diversified country so its cuisine, we have selected the cuisine from north India to its middle which is widely accepted as East Indian cuisine here.We are presenting you the food from the Imperial kitchen of Mughals of Delhi, Awadhi from t.....

  • Continental Foods

    We have not forgotten the classical continental cuisine which is consists of five different cuisines but and the heart it is French classical dishes in its original form to suit your dinning mood in a simple manner without the formal course menu and.....

  • Oriental Foods

    China when we think it is big and so as its cuisine here we have chosen the food from Kwangtung usually called Cantonese food from southern  china and it is brought to India and widely accepted there we picked up from the little china  or .....

Lunch Special

Fixed Thali, Indian Cuisine only (11am to 2.00pm only).



Lunch Special FOR 2.( 60 Items to Choose From)

Choose from our 60 items

Fresh from pan to the Plate

we are offering 5 course menu which includes 

Starter 2-4 choice

Side course 1-2 choice

Main course 1-2 choice

Desserts 2-4 choice

Coffee/Tea 2-4 choice

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